Born in Bagdogra, West Bengal and raised in Ambala Cantt, Haryana, from where she graduated in Commerce. She is the co-founder of a Delhi based publishing house named Damick Publications (damickpublications.com) and the founder of an E-magazine named 'Literary Fairy Tales (LiFT)'.  (liftmagazine.in)

Being a passionate poet and storyteller, she always aims to fill this world with the words of love and happiness. A daughter of an Airman and a lady with courage, she is constantly working towards the betterment of society by giving a helping hand to NGO’s. For her, life and challenges have an intriguing existence. 
Damini Aggarwal has contributed her short stories and poems in four anthologies which are listed as follows.

1) Zindagi Rewind

She is the reviewer of this anthology. Zindagi (Life) is a long journey with concatenation of experiences. The journey is not easy to travel. It is always a fusion of rise and fall. Each and every one of us has been through such episodes of life which can never be erased from our memory. In fact these incidents leave a mark on our heart and soul forever. Zindagi Rewind comprises true stories and experiences which our writers have lived and have put efforts to present it to the world pen picturing how life can be.
(Published on: 30th November, 2016; Publisher: Damick Publications)

2) Un-whispered Wish 

Everyone have wishes some of them fulfilled, some remain incomplete. Un-Whispered Wishes collection of wishes.
(Published on: December, 2016; Publisher: InkLovers India)

3) The Master Stroke

Welcome to the lands of colorful minds with 'The Master Stroke' that caters to the varied tastes of avid readers. This book, a compilation of 31 awe-inspiring short stories, unearths the deepest of your hidden desires, the darkest of your best-kept secrets, the scariest of your scarred pasts and even the brightest of your bright times. Flip through the pages that might just drag you through the dark forests of some mystic adventure or cuddle you on the waves of first love.... that might just cruise you through the cryptic pain of that unexpected betrayal or jeer your souls with the thrill of that fearful unknown- for 'The Master Stroke' offers you the leisure of some of the most well cooked stories, sauced in the flavor of crime, stirred with a pinch of love and cooked in the flame of fantasy.
 (Published on: 3rd January, 2016; Publisher: Write India Publisher)

4)  Half Baked Love 

This book is a collection of 25 Half baked love stories which are inspired by an author's life. She is the editor and reviewer of this anthology. LOVE, though a four letter word contains so much in it. Emotions, feelings, pain, and most of all tears. If love gives you happiness, it gives pain too. If love gives you smile, it gives you tears too. Love is divine, love is hellish. Every love story isn't complete, every love story doesn't have a happy ending. Half Baked Love consists of 25 such stories, which are incomplete, which would show you the dark side of love. The stories which would make you feel the pain which love gives. Some stories would bring tears to your eyes while some would make your heart skip a beat. A complete package to show how love is! 
(Published on: 1st January, 2016; Publisher: Damick Publications)

When she isn't writing, she is found sketching the prettiness of the world. Cooking and singing is antidote to her trauma. She loves listening silent music and tapping her feet to the beats of bollywood music.
The best way to contact her is through her official Facebook fan page, twitter or instagram @daminiaggarwal6
You can Email her, at  daminiaggarwal6@gmail.com


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