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Book Review - Echoes of Heart

Book: Echoes of Heart Author: Farzana Zahid
Publisher: RainDrops Company (2016) Purchase Link:Amazon
BLURB: This book is an emotional journey of poems of unrequited love, of longing and loneliness, of melancholic days and sleepless nights, of failed hopes and shattered dreams, of grief and sadness due to betrayal, rejection and failure, of hardships and hatred and also those of love and togetherness, of mirth and happiness, of dreams, wishes and fulfillment, of belief and faith, of moving on and fighting back, of memorable moments that lasts forever and each emotions that echoes inside our heart and demands to be noticed.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Farzana Zahid is born and brought up in Kolkata. A Graduate in English Literature and a Degree in Marketing. She is also interested in Graphic Designing.  Poetry is an all time passion for her and love for fairy tales and stories never changed its course in her life. You will find most of her poems, romantic and quite imaginative. 
BOOK REVIEW: 'Echoes …