Book Review - Once upon a genie

Novel: Once upon a Genie

Durriya Kapasi was born and brought up in the East African country, Tanzania, while her ancestors were from Gujarat, India. She began writing her first book with the pen name Durriya Zaheer on an online storytelling community in 2014. The first story received reasonably appraisal and received nearly million reads online. Gradually in succession she authored two more books which received a great amount of acclamation on social media. Durriya was interviewed by a national newspaper published in Mumbai and a magazine from Chennai.
She lives in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Beside her utmost passion for English literature and reading, she loves travelling and cooking. She is a cancer survivor. Follow her on Facebook for more updates.

Publisher: Half Baked Beans

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Daisy had no idea what was in store for her when she uncovered the priceless reward concealed in a miscellaneous bottle; a super sexy genie that would pull the rugs below her feet. Khalil Muwahid, the genie owed Daisy his gratitude for freeing him from the trap. He generously asked her for three wishes without holding any grudges against her. Gradually there was a strong connection between them, the bond of love. Also, the rules of Djinn world were amended for their love, where Daisy wasn't supposed to ask for the third wish since they could be together, everlastingly. BUT on the horns of Dilemma, Darren, Daisy's best friend's life was at threat. Does she use the last wish to save Darren? Or does she save her love?

Book Review:
The story is about the main protagonist Daisy, and it opens up in a hospital where her grandmother was fighting a battle between life and death. Daisy is being portrayed to love her to the core, but ultimately she lost her and her departure introduces another character in her life who ain't any human, but a genie. Khalil Muwahid, the genie is whole heartedly grateful to her for releasing him and he offers her with three of her wishes to be completed by him. Daisy being curious wanted to travel to his world of genie, he completed it. Another wish too was taken by him, but when it comes to the third wish, both were thrown in dilemma. It's a love tale of a human (Daisy) & genie (Khalil). In her third wish, she wanted Khalil to stay with her forever, but there came a twist and she had to choose either a life of her best friend which was at risk or her love.
If you want to take a break from the chaos happening outside, if you want to travel somewhere this world will never take you to, if you want to be a child again and then experience all the cheesy things, if you are fond of love, if you wish to read something that will let you set free in the world of imagination, then this is the perfect piece of writing you will ever have in your reading list. The book despite of fantasy is filled with emotions that we being a human have. The kind of fascination, which is being narrated in the book is intact to all the stories you have ever read. The author has her own way of penning down the scene and making you travel with her every word on every page. I was already excited to know what's there inside the book after looking at its cover which is in total relation to the story within. A yellow background color and a shadow of genie is depicting the entire tale in itself.
While if I talk about the flow of a story, this is something I have never read before instead within a few classic books. I mean the narration is beautiful & far beyond from the modern age story books. The depth of words will help you create a scene in front of your eyes.
I'm eagerly waiting for the next part of the book. Being a fantasy lover, I'm highly taken by the unique and distinctive style of the author to present a simple story into an interesting manner. The characterisation is commendable while it will keep your eyes glued till the end. Though, you don't wish to have the end of such stories, I'm pretty sure, the author will be releasing its sequel. I'm so excited to read what happened next in the life of their child. How did the child manage to maintain his existence being a child of a human & genie. I loved the line in which how the genie aspired for him being again with Daisy someday when he enters back his world leaving her behind.
My Rating for this novel is 5/5. (I wonder if I can rate it more.)
Finally, I thank Durriya Kapasi, the Author of this novel from the bottom of my heart to provide me with the wonderful opportunity to read her story.
A highly recommended novel and something not to be missed if you are a veracious reader. 


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