Book Review - I Stand for you

Book: I Stand for you

Author: Kastro Kiran was born in Andhra Pradesh, India, and completed his Master’s degree in Civil Engineering. He self-published his first novel, 'When Minutes Went Like Seconds And Hours Went Like Days', at the age of
twenty-two, which is the story of his graduation life and received applauds from young readers. He loves observing people around him, from where he often finds stories. His favourite time pass is reading books and engaging in conversations with people around him.
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Publisher: Omji Publishers

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Hello, this is the story of two people in Love. Hai, I'm Rahul Roy. Mumbaikar. Her name is Kreeti Bhagat. Keralaite. I'm doing my MBA. Like any Businessman, I think everthing in terms of profit and loss. She is from Mass Communications. Like any Journalist, she wants to bring out the truth from dark. My happiness lies in continuing my legacy. Her happiness lies in the happiness of others. Even though our mindsets are different we are in love with each other. All the time life doesn't go well; unexpected changes are most common. One day she fell into a problem when she tried to bring out the truth from dark. The day I started loving her is the day I decided not to let her face any problem all alone. Now, her problem is mine.
I STAND FOR YOU is the story of a girl who fought for a noble cause. It's a story of Love, Life, and Society. I feel it's unfair that women are expected to stay at home when there is a fight to be won. (A line from I STAND FOR YOU)

Book Review:
A story is set in Trivandrum, Kerela revolving around the life of college students. The main protagonist Rahul find a few groups of students protesting against something and which covered the headlines of almost all the newspaper in those days.

Just after the experience, a story is sent to flash back of about two years before when he took the admission for MBA and made a few friends. One among those friend circle is Kreeti Bhagat whom he finds totally opposite to his nature, yet gets attracted to her. As the blurb tells more about it.

Also, as the title, I STAND FOR YOU, says about it being a romantic fiction story. But you will discover is far more wider than that. It is a story of bravery of a girl and political & social norms at large which in one way or the other affect our lives to the core.

As the dedication line of the book goes, 'TO ALL THE BRAVE GIRLS OF INDIA', the story will leave a mark in your mind & of course deep down in your hearts too. Despite a few grammatical and punctuation errors which ruined the flow while reading, it is a perfect piece of writing for our literary world.

A must read for all those who believe in the power of love, courage, change and whose happiness lies in those of others.
The cover of the book is suitable to the title, but I feel that the title and the cover are somewhere contrary to main storyline.

I would like to rate the story 4/5.
Also, I'm glad to Congratulate the Author for this book. And wish to read many more from his side.
Cheers! 


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