Book Review - The Wiccan Waltz

Author: Pragya Vishnoi
Publisher: Self, Amazon Kindle
Link to purchase: Amazon Kindle

Anika is a young, impulsive girl who hopes to solve the mysteries of life by following Wicca. On this path, she encounters the joy of first love, the fear of uncertainty and the power of complete surrender. This is not as simple as it seems, hidden in the shadows are conspiracies, secrets and betrayals. Will Anika be able to survive in this mysterious world?

Book Review:
The story is awesomely presented. Right from the beginning to the ultimate scene, one can find herself glued to the words. Characterisation, narration, plotting, presentation are all 4/5. Despite there are few areas of improvement, the story is a goodread. I loved reading it all over and spending my value time and cherishing the tale. Story's uniqueness is simply something to be appreciated. Kudos to the author. Wish to read more from your side that too in a paper back.

You too can enjoy this amazing ride by ordering and reading it through the above given link. 


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