Book Review - A Road Not Traveled

Book: A Road not Traveled
Author: J. Alchem is a voracious reader and critically acclaimed author. He is the winner of StoryMirror 2015 ( A nation wide writing competition), NaNoWriMo -2015 and super hero storyteller (2014). He has written in several magazines and newspapers and received the appreciation for the same. His stories have been published in numerous anthologies such as blank Space, Love Bytes and Mighty Thoughts and on various online channels. He is actively involved in writing quotes and short write-ups which have often seen circulated among youth in Facebook, Whatzapp and other social media platforms.

You can reach him at Facebook @Jalchem
Publisher: Story Mirror
Purchase Link: Amazon

Niorgast Stinvins, a motivational speaker by profession, wakes up one day to a strange phone call from an unknown person asking him to attend a meeting. There he is introduced to two more strangers, Doilin Flenk(Political advisor) and Bakintin Lenit (Journalist) and to a mission : "Can the world be a single country?" Thus begins a journey on a road not traveled, learning new lessons, unlearning a few and finally realizing that life is much more than what you think it is. Accompanying him on this journey are his personal demons, some ghosts of the past and few random memories of the near future with his loved ones. One day he reaches a stage where he doesn't know if he will be able to live or not. Can the world be a single country? Will they be able to take this mission from a closed room to a goal post? What circumstances are they going to face? How will their journey be?

Book Review:

As you will open a book, you will be treated with a beautiful journey of a baby bringing into the life and that baby is this book, 'A Road Not Traveled' by the Author J. Alchem. And this tale will definitely provoke you to read further what author has in store for the readers. Undoubtedly, with the most refreshing writing style, unique plotting and magical web of words, this book will travel deep within your nerves. The best contemporary story to be read by one and all if you aspire to see the entire world in a single country. When there will be no war, only love.

The lines which I loved the most from the books are many, a few amongst those are as follows:

'Imagine if there is no boundaries between any country like you and me.' I whispered to her with my chin on her shoulder, 'and people can go freely anywhere everywhere like birds, then it is 'One Country World'.' I said. It fetched a smile on her face. 

'Life is all about falling on a concrete floor, getting hurt, but still standing up with a bright smile on your face like nothing has happened to you.'

The author has left no stone unturned to delight you at times with number of lively quotes. I simply highlighted them to read them again while flipping off its pages. It's rare when you are highly caught up by the author's narrative and this story did that job for me.

Plot & Narrative: 5/5
Title & Cover: 4/5

Appreciations of the Book. 

I wish all the best to the author and want to read more of the his work in near future and I feel deeply grateful to the Author J. Alchem for providing me with the opportunity to read his remarkable work of literature.
If you too wish to take a ride into 'A Road not Traveled', you may order it from Amazon link given above.


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