Book Review - A Walk in the Rain

Book Title - A Walk in the Rain
Author - Udai Yadla
Publisher - Kyron Publications

Love is poison that kills you. Love is elixir that keeps you alive. An unreciprocated love keeps you alive, but kills every day. Heratbroken sunny lives a reclusive life, trapped in the past, living in his memories. He has no complaints about his life,  but refuses to embrace the present.
Saloni is a prostitute who is desperate for money that does not hestitate to get his accomplice killed for the sake of it. She has a dark past; Past so mysterious and devastating.
Sunny finds heaven in his memories and lives a peaceful life. One wrong turn, one wrong company, destroys his peace and sucks him into an incredible game of life and death. 
Will he find peace? Will he find love?  Will he kill?  Will he survive?  Or will he perish in the persuit of vengeance?
The journey explores answers to the most complicated questions of life and love.
A walk in the rain is an intricate tale of hair raising twists and turns. Both are bound to a common goal with different motives, but destiny has its own motive.
A walk in the rain is an intricate tale of intense emotions, driven by hair raising twists and turns.

Book Review:
The story is centered around two protagonists - Sunny and Saloni.
Sunny is an introvert and timid guy who had a close circle of few friends. Imran is one of his close friend and he shared lot of memories with him. While destiny played its role and a twisted their whole world.
Saloni is a prostitute and as the blurb of the story explains, she had bad past memories. How the lives of Sunny and Saloni met and they both walked together, a story is well-knitted till the end.
It's a beautiful story enriched with emotions and tricky games of life, love & death. Flashbacks of the lives of characters and then returning back into the present, the death mystery and the tangled lives in-between held my eyes glued with the story till the end.
Quotes within the story at different situations are like cherry on the cake.

Language: 4.5/5
Story:  4/5
Narration: 4.5/5
Book Cover:  3/5

I would love to thank the Author Udai Yadla, for this fabulous treat of words which are well-knitted into a mesmerising tale. Also, Best wishes to him.

You too can enjoy the ride into this book by ordering it through Amazon.


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