Book Review - Everything's Gonna Be Alright.

Publisher - White Falcon Publishing


Right decisions, wrong timing. 
Wrong decisions, you think it's gonna be right.

You start putting efforts to make them good.

Nothing works out, you get scared.

What do you do now?

It's never late to put your efforts again.

Don't lose hope and believe in yourself.

Book Review

The story is set around the life of a protagonist Akhil. When he is in his early years of choosing a right career path for his perfect future, contrary to his dream of becoming a chef to pursue his interest in cooking, he is forced into engineering on a kind suggestion of his father's fast friend.

In order to keep his father's expectations from him; he never argued against him. Showcasing his love for his father's dreams, suppressing his own.

His unwanted journey takes off surprisingly and along with that like all other youngsters he too loses his heart for a girl named Vrishika who is studying hotel management and to whom he met in his college. The story is a perfect portraiture of typical college life where he is carrying on his life with his junior roommate Rahul and Akira who have always been there with him at times of need.

On one side he was pursuing his studies with zero interest, on the other side the love was blooming high. Though, he seems annoyed with Vrishika's habit of smoking which she started after the death of her Ex-boyfriend, he still tried his level best to let her leave smoking.

Due to severe ups and downs in the marks; his father now developed doubts about his future in the field and kept asking him if he wants to give up. But Akhil's determination took a leap and urged him finally leading to win the national level competition of mechanical engineers.

On one side he proved himself to be a best engineer on the other side his father gifted him with his dream of owning a restaurant written in his will after his demise, as presented to Akhil by the father's lawyer after his death when he completed the degree. 

Though, his love tale didn't succeed, as Vrishika went to Canada for higher studies leaving Akhil inbetween but his dreams got a perfect shape.

Will he be able to home enough strength to handle his mother and brother after the death of his father? 

Will he be able to get his love back or not?

Would life will surprise him with some other delight to test his determination?


Author has left no stone unturned in setting up a perfect plot for a story with twists and turns. You may keep thinking over it, while it takes another plot to embrace the instances. I really enjoyed reading it all through while appreciating the humorous content without which this story is half baked. 

Though, I believe there could have been much better ending to the plot set than the present one. 
Still a perfect tale to be read for all the bookaholics who believe in sacrifices, optimism, dreams, fears, risk, failures and then bringing the best out of it.

Cover & Title

The yellow tint with blue figures on the cover is such a distinct and artistic work that is self explaining the fervour of the book.
Adding to it is a title with a message of positivity 'Everything's Gonna Be Alright.'

I wish my Heartiest Congratulations to the Author Dhruv Anand for his such an amazing Debut book being affirmative of its worldwide success.

You can order your copy from Amazon and Flipkart to feel the delight of the author's unprecedented work.


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