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Book Review - Everything's Gonna Be Alright.

Everything's Gonna Be Alright- Dhruv Anand
Publisher - White Falcon Publishing

Right decisions, wrong timing.  Wrong decisions, you think it's gonna be right.
You start putting efforts to make them good.
Nothing works out, you get scared.
What do you do now?
It's never late to put your efforts again.
Don't lose hope and believe in yourself.

Book Review
The story is set around the life of a protagonist Akhil. When he is in his early years of choosing a right career path for his perfect future, contrary to his dream of becoming a chef to pursue his interest in cooking, he is forced into engineering on a kind suggestion of his father's fast friend.
In order to keep his father's expectations from him; he never argued against him. Showcasing his love for his father's dreams, suppressing his own.
His unwanted journey takes off surprisingly and along with that like all other youngsters he too loses his heart for a girl named Vrishika who is studying hotel management …