Life or Smoking - Choose Wisely.

I have two real life stories to tell, also an experience of a cancer conqueror from which you will be able to make out, that for you either Smoking is important or Life.

Let me start with a story of a person who is just 55+ of age, a retired Junior Warrant Officer (JWO) from Indian Air Force. A well intellectual personality, a kindest of all souls, ready to help everybody 24/7. He has a beautiful supportive wife as well as super intelligent and understanding children. He  would never like to leave the world filled with such blessings and every fervor of life. 
He has everything, money, love, respect, a beautiful home, name, fame, worldly knowledge, etc. People come to him for guidance and kind advice. His children are achieving heights based on his guidance and support.

His wife is super happy to see him enjoying his life. But...  But something is tearing her heart inside since long. That cigarette box, which always accompany him where ever he go. And it also accompanied him to the Doctor who angrily told him after watching his pity state when he was unable to breathe, 'Aggarwal saab you still smoking? Leave it please for god sake.' That was the last night before his departure next day. He could give up everything to his will but that addiction and longing for smoking makes him die at halt.
Doctor refered him to Alchemist Hospital, Chandigarh sharply at 8:00 AM next morning and advised him to not to smoke at least this night. As his Haemoglobin level was constantly dropping down, when last checked it was just 3+. His daughter hides the box that had only one cigarette bud and sat next to him whole night, while his body was getting pale and cold, but somehow his family managed the situation to let the new morning come and they will leave to the hospital. His daughter made tea for him in the morning and he drank, giving her blessings. But... Where did he get that last cigarette bud? Either he had a magic wand or the mind of smokers are much active in getting their drugs, even their body has given up. The time his family took to snatch it back from him, the smoke was making rings in the air while he was lying on the bed on his daughter's lap. She tried hard to give mouth to mouth oxygen, but nothing helped. He was just getting heavier and cold. His body went stiff and eyes were closed. Though he was trying to breathe in, he wanted to live more of a life, but... now nothing could bring back those lovely colorful days back.
His daughter still has a burn mark of cigarette bud on her knee when he released it from his hands after his last breath on her lap.

Do you also want your family, your loving daughter to face this horrible situation? They are living without him but the life is different now, without grace and colors. I wonder if you also want to face this? No...??

Then let me tell you one more story. A story of a Cancer Survivor, who loved his family more than that cigarette bud. A Story of a scientist. 

72 years of S. Nilakanta Siva, a resident of Thanjavur gave up smoking after realising that it may affect his health and his family's health and life too. He started smoking at his college days, which lasted for fifteen long years.

But the after effects never leave your way, even after leaving smoking twenty five years before. He felt few symptoms of having cancer in 2014,  when blood came along with urine. He and his wife, Rajalakshmi Siva rushed to the hospital in Thanjavar and later it was diagnosed to be a bladder cancer. 

They decided to shift to Chennai for further treatment. On 14 June 2014,  he had his 9-hour long surgery when the doctors removed his bladder, prostate, kidney, and lymph nodes in the area. Now he wear a urostomy bag that collects all the waste urine which has to emptied out at short intervals.

Initially, it was tough for them to lead a life like this but gradually with time and with the support of his wife and family, he won the battle against cancer.

He is now living happily with his family.
In order to change this pity plight where smoking has become such an addiction that it has locked the doors of mind and thinking of people, S. N. Siva wrote a book 'When thoughts invade the Cancer Conqueror - Solitary Kidney and No Lymph Node, Prostate or Bladder' to enlighten the minds of people against this disease.

Mr. S. N. Siva with his wife Mrs. Rajalakshmi Siva with their book in hands 'When thoughts invade the Cancer Conqueror'. 

He is an inspiration to youth and a living example, telling us his journey and how smoking affected his life.

72 years old S. N. Siva has done his engineering from IIT Madras and he is an Ex-Scientific Officer in the Publicity Division of the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), who settled down in Thanjavur after spending many years in the Nuclear Physics Division of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, and Kalpakkam as the Liaison Officer for DAE’s southern region projects, plus a brief post-retirement stint in medical transcription in Hyderabad.

Mr. S. N.  Siva with his wife Rajalakshmi Siva at the show on T.V.  Channel (a Tamil clone of Kaun Banega Carorepati)  with a host Mr. Arvind Swami. 

His Book 'When thoughts invade the Cancer Conqueror' can be ordered from Amazon and Notionpress

I came across Mr. S. N. Siva at social networking platform and got to know a lot about his life. In response to few of my questions and eagerness, his answers were as follows.

1. What was your purpose behind writing this book? 

The need to increase the level of awareness of the masses in general and the cancer community, in particular, was the driving force. The suffering we saw in our fellow patients at the hospitals each time we visited and the twinge at the sight of anyone smoking away.

2. What lessons does your life story have to teach youngsters. 

~Don’t smoke ever, and if you already do, quit smoking immediately; or else cancer is going to catch up with you.
~If you have got cancer, it is not the end of the world; if diagnosed early, cancer is curable; so please follow up quickly.

And this the text of my message telecast on Vijay TV on Aug 3:
I am a graduated cancer patient - bladder cancer- now with no bladder, no prostate, only one functional kidney. Yet here participating in this show 
In retrospect, this is the prize for successfully smoking cigarettes for more than a decade. I did realise that it was causing harm to even those around me and hence quit. Thought I had escaped just in time. But no! Crime and Punishment are two sides of the same coin. The policeman was still on my track. He caught up with me in my seventieth year. My 70th birthday gift was the biopsy report confirming in situ bladder cancer. So we have two lessons from here. 
Chapter 1: Don't smoke.... ever. If you are already into it quit NOW, cold turkey. Chapter 2- If cancer has already caught up with you, don't delay, go see the doctor immediately. Cancer can be cured - IF treated early. This is in your hands - not the Doctor's. People with bladder or breast cancer do feel shy or embarrassed. We need to get over it pronto. I live to see this day and compete with all these youngsters at this game because I went to my Oncologist post haste with the scan report. God forbid any recurrence, I am perfectly alright.
MULTIPLE CLAPS SUPER LOUD and many from the audience break the barriers to shake hands, seek blessings and hugs with tears in their eyes.

3. How one could get rid of such addiction like smoking? 

Think of the damage that smoking is causing, not just to you but also to all those around you. Passive smoking is quite as bad as direct smoking. You may not care for your health or your body, but should all those you love and those who love you – parents and siblings and all those who stay with you suffer because of your addiction. Then stay away from smokers and remain at home for a fortnight the craving will go away. At least ,this is how I solved my problem.

4. What if all the manufacturing industries of Cigarettes and other tobacco products be banned?

That would be utopia. The tobacco industry lobby is very strong politically and any move will get quickly scorched.

5. What delight does smokers get that non-smokers don't?

In retrospect, I think nothing really. It increases activity when the chips are down, but once you resort to it too often, it is just a mannerism and one is unable to function without a cigarette in the hand. You think others will consider you a big hero of you are always blowing smoke signals like a steam engine. They also believe that their peers and, more so, the opposite gender will respect them more. It is much like the craze for newer and more costly cell phones or faster motor bikes and cars every year. 

6. How was your life before and after operation.

Almost the same after so many surgeries across 27 months now.  Except that we have an artificial plumbing for excreting urine from the middle of the abdomen. An external plastic bag to function like the bladder, it stores the urine and has to be emptied every three hours day and night.  And every three months we need to have our insides checked to see no new strain of cancer is coming up again, and take remedial action if anything is suspected.

I have nothing in my mind to sum up the article here, everything is crystal clear that if Smoking grants you life or snatch away?
Not only your life get effected but your family's life as well. Now everything is upon person's own intellect, you all have mind, you all know where to invest your short precious life, either in Smoking or Living it to the fullest.
Either you want to lead your life to nothingness like the person in first story or you want to be a warrior like Mr. S. N. Siva.


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