Book Review - Perfect Imperfect

Perfect Imperfect - Ravi Bedi 


Minutes Later,  a door opened. The vision that appeared at the entrance turned me into a gravestone with the date of my death engraved on it. An invisible force gripped me, as the visible one removed a cigar from his mouth and greeted Samarth.

Book Review

I received this book 'Perfect Imperfect' from Author Ravi Bedi in exchange of my honest reviews.

So here I go...

The story is set up around the life of two main leads, Jimmy and Samarth. Samarth Jain is a son of Jewellery Shop owner, Gokuldas Jain. It's a perfectly narrated tale that will let the readers engross deep within the web of words  and keep juggling with the various plots set.

Jimmy is working as a manager there. While it's taking a smooth pace, the story has been set around the thought process and desires that modern day youngsters commonly go through. Friends, jealousy, desire for money and fame, comparisons, compassion, carefree life, etc and then moves towards few unavoidable situations and phases that nobody wants to encounter ever in life, everything in a one single book.

No doubt, the story is appealing being a crime thriller and I enjoyed it overall but there were times when I had to put a jolt upon my brain to relate with few past situations mentioned in the story. Being so good at vocabulary, the story is also somewhere lacking in grammar and editing.
Besides that a beautiful thriller tale to read by any contemporary book lover.


Author has left no stone unturned in setting up a perfect plot for a story with twists and turns. You may keep thinking over it, while it takes another plot to embrace the instances. I really enjoyed reading it all through while appreciating the humorous content without which this mysterious story is half baked. Though at several instances I skipped my pace due to few unrelatable stances.
Also, there were instances when I felt the character needed to be described in much detail so as to add to the beauty of scenes.
The character of Farah has played a major role that is inducing a life into the story.
Literally I loved, how the author has done it beautifully. If you are addicted watching crime thriller movies, this book will never let you miss the theater.
Over all, highly recommended novel for all bookaholic people to experience the delight of Author's artistic brain.
A tale of humor, mystery, romantic thriller and much more unavoidable apprehensions.

Cover and Title

The one and only reason behind picking up this book to read was its short and self explanatory title 'Perfect Imperfect'.
Also, the black and white cover which is embracing the meaning within title itself.
Even if its not recommended by few readers that one's book should have black and white cover. But for this tale of twists and turns, its proving to be so apt.

I feel really thankful to the Author Ravi Bedi, for sending me this beautiful book and wishing you all the success and happy life ahead.

If you want to take a leap within this book or let your mind take a tactful ride, you can order it from Amazon and Flipkart.

Ravi Bedi has also authored other books, Lover's Rock, Seven Stories and Mail Order Bride. Hope to read more from him. 


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