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Life or Smoking - Choose Wisely.

I have two real life stories to tell, also an experience of a cancer conqueror from which you will be able to make out, that for you either Smoking is important or Life.

Let me start with a story of a person who is just 55+ of age, a retired Junior Warrant Officer (JWO) from Indian Air Force. A well intellectual personality, a kindest of all souls, ready to help everybody 24/7. He has a beautiful supportive wife as well as super intelligent and understanding children. He  would never like to leave the world filled with such blessings and every fervor of life.  He has everything, money, love, respect, a beautiful home, name, fame, worldly knowledge, etc. People come to him for guidance and kind advice. His children are achieving heights based on his guidance and support.

His wife is super happy to see him enjoying his life. But...  But something is tearing her heart inside since long. That cigarette box, which always accompany him where ever he go. And it also accompanied him to the D…

Book Review - Perfect Imperfect

Perfect Imperfect - Ravi Bedi 


Minutes Later,  a door opened. The vision that appeared at the entrance turned me into a gravestone with the date of my death engraved on it. An invisible force gripped me, as the visible one removed a cigar from his mouth and greeted Samarth.

Book Review

I received this book 'Perfect Imperfect' from Author Ravi Bedi in exchange of my honest reviews.

So here I go...

The story is set up around the life of two main leads, Jimmy and Samarth. Samarth Jain is a son of Jewellery Shop owner, Gokuldas Jain. It's a perfectly narrated tale that will let the readers engross deep within the web of words  and keep juggling with the various plots set.

Jimmy is working as a manager there. While it's taking a smooth pace, the story has been set around the thought process and desires that modern day youngsters commonly go through. Friends, jealousy, desire for money and fame, comparisons, compassion, carefree life, etc and then moves towards few una…

Book Review - The Colour of Love

TheColourofLove - Trumpets and bugles, there was music all over...  They fell in Love, yet again...
BlurbSarfaraz is brought up with a good value system by his devoted parents. With time,  curiosity and adolescent growth pangs take him through many experiences. His first brush with girls starts with a friend, and slowly meanders into casual flirtatious affairs with girls at college. All through it, he realises that none of them have his undying,  true love. A time comes when he realises who he truly loves, and in the midst of it all, he handles brutal enmity and takes on vile characters that misbehave with his friends. Sarfaraz's grows up in Coimbatore when there occurs a series of bomb blasts. His identity is called in question,  as his status as a Muslim makes people see him as an enemy. He loses something precious in a blast and leaves to Sharjah, only for life to find him and surprise him.
BookReviewWhen you call yourself a Bookaholic personality, when the fragrance of books m…