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Max Hospital - High Time

An incident that every second person in our country, India may have gone through.  A friend of mine Chandra Kant Jaisansaria shares his story while he was getting his father treated for Heart Ailments.For them the BalanceSheet should be well updated every second rather than the proper health of their Patient
Their pockets should always remain filled even if the Patient is empty stomach.Max Hospital (Shalimarbagh, Delhi) - A hospital where the patient and his attendants are harassed and overcharged. Please spread this message by sharing it on your timeline so that people become aware of this hospital and stop risking their lives and the Lives of their near and dear ones.My father Mr. Kanak Mal Jaisansaria (Hospital Case/ IP.No. 89788) had a minor heart attack and he was advised to go for an angiography test by a Doctor of Max hospital. On same day i.e 12/07/2016 we got the angiography done. Usually patients with blocked artry are treated for Angioplasty (PTCA) or heart surgery during…

I am a Writer...

Yes, i love to call myself a writer, this fills me with delight that I have opted the purest occupation of all for myself, but an author?
If anybody could define me an apt difference between a writer and an author. Being a writer I am committed to raise issues that several people out there might not be able to, to give their plight few suitable words, to let t he readers know the other side of world they don't know about,  to make them feel them feel the virtue of living through the eyes of others.
In Short, to grant a Life is my Job and I am not paid for it (i am a Writer, not a moneymaker). And authors, as their mouths get filled with bubbly chocolate when someone calls them an author,  even if their writings don't make any sense to help raise the plight of society, they are all the way flaunting around and urging readers to buy their book. I am not talking about every author (i genuinely keep huge respect for truly dedicated writers),  but this pure job with generous purp…