Book Review - What's in a Kiss?

"What's in a Kiss?" By Mehul Ahire

A contemporary piece of art is something you find yourself attached to, something that you can relate to and which bring shiver down your spine while reading.

Mehul Ahire,  An Author of novel 'What's in a Kiss?' has beautifully penned each and every emotion that a present day youth goes through in a small magical pack called book.

Every page i was flipping through has made me realise how life cheering a true unconditional Love can be.

The hero of the story, Arjun of Ratnagiri,  Maharashtra is stepping in his another phase of life i.e.  College Life where he made several friends but like everybody he too get fascinated of a beauty and charm of a Muslim girl Zoya who took late admission in a college and try every possible effort to reach her until she herself came to him for getting notes from him. Here started their story that was incomplete till the end as Arjun tried to express his feelings for her but Zoya limited their relation to be just Friends.

But inbetween comes a twist when Meera who is a reserved kind of girl came into his life to fill infinite colors. She became an important part of Arjun's life when this story achieve its grace and the beauty of words by the author has proved to be the icing on a cake as a perfecly knited tale.  But she had to shift Pune for further studies when the story between Arjun and Zoya took a lift. They both shared ample time with each other in college and phone calls and Meera too was getting equal Love from Arjun when he relised that Zoya loves Arjun more than just a friend.
The turmoil heart and a sense of achievement, as Zoya once used to his Dream Girl made him to skip his heartbeats.

Confused Arjun tried to maintain a balance between them,  as he never wanted to loose Zoya's friendship and Meera's eternal Love.

With twists and turns, as Arjun and Zoya somewhere crossed their lines of friendship and kissed eachother in their ignorance and went with a flow,  which went against the relationship of Meera and Arjun.

Meera developed misunderstandings for Arjun which ultimately ruined their relationship. Also he lost Zoya's friendship which led to droped academic results of Arjun.  He lost his attention in examinations. But as they say,  "Love stories are incomplete until its a happy ending" Zoya shifted to Mumbai and got married with someone else.

Though the story between Zoya and Arjun ended,  but their unexpressed love is eternal in their thoughts. She instantly started behaving mature and filled Arjun with motivation to bring Meera back and clear all the mess when he went Mumbai to meet last time to her.

Will Arjun get his Meera back.? Will every complications developed between them be solved?
To know,  read What's in a Kiss?  By Mehul Ahire.
Available on Amazon and Flipkart.
I was totally glued to each and every page of the book as emotions were attached to every word of it which left me with moist eyes.
I wish all the very best to the Author for his great success.
You can contact the author Mehul Ahire for any query at


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