A Last Note!

To Dear Him, 
Right seven months before he came like a wonder in her life,  a life in which she was trying really hard to fill the colors,  one by one assembling the pieces of her shattered part. She never needed him to help her collecting them back as she was trained from her infant age to live her life alone in her dreams without anybody being her counterpart, but he did, he came like a rainbow after thunderstorm and she recollected it earlier as she alone could have took a longer time. 
Her nights again started praising the stained Moon in dark sky of her life.  His words of belongingness made her feel as if she found her incomplete part, she found her soulmate so did he. Their days never began without eachother's Lovely greet  and nights never closed until they received other's smiling selfie to assure eachother's presence. 
Being an intense dreamer he was at every floor of her brain,  she started believing in miracles and her beliefs went strong until she realised that he was alike other Devils existing at every corner of the world wearing several masks to hide their real unworthy face. He came to heal himself not her, he came to find someone to share his old half baked story not to build up a dream he made her to see.  He came to prove that even a writer can break his promises to realise his own fantasy.
Writer, a title against his name made her believe he won't betray her ever,  but she remembered a quote she once made him read when they first met "what comes easy never last long, what last long never comes easy" along with she also get cleared with his words which then went above his understanding "you will never curse me when i'll go from your life".  She believed that he was all prepared beforehand to leave her inbetween then why does he claim now that 'we have no future as you are so younger and i have my needs as i am grown up,  my age demands that.' 'my mood fluctuates,  i don't love you anymore because you know all my truths from the core' 'U just proved to be a hurdle in my life instead of being a helping hand'. 
At every stage she was there living his emotion equally but little did she know that his over the world betrayal would again shatter her body in as infinite pieces as nobody could even see,  realising is a far sighted dream. Her soul ensnare all his evil acts of his unstable heart, as that is the only part immortal.  And those curseful words were not from her heart for him as it was already belonging to him but from the soul because it can't bear the endless pain he left her body with. Her heart still desires him to be the happiest person in this world,  but her soul is stubborn,  he stabbed it knowingly that it was the purest of all.
Yes she has quit writing and this is the last piece she could write to feed that spirit,  to help it rest in peace because from now though her soul flew,  a dead body is still wandering to know all the answers to the questions she is left with as why did he came in his beautiful life to spoil,  her invisible smile and bright eyes illustrate a new she.  A new hope,  a new energy to walk on 'The Road Less Travelled by'.
He proved to her to be another lesson, his immaturity teared her from deep within. The long wait she used to do of his one call are turned into letting her to block his number as she could never afford to lose a new self,  a combination of lessons from past and ambitions she dreamt vast.
He don't cross her mind anymore,  may be he was not worthy of,  the masks she removed from his face left her numb, being an ungrateful person he no longer belong to her.  He was a past,  whom she burried in the grave at her diary page at last. Her Love for him will never end as despite all his flaws she accepted him to be her Prince Charming though he came at such stage in her life when nobody did, but his existence from her life take a leave here. As she found nothing to water upon pale dry plant. She found nothing to ponder upon the reasons he gave to let him go and live her life even much peacefully.
"He wes never a hero of her dreams, he was someone who helped her becoming her own Hero."
'With no Regrets,  No tears,  she bid him a beautiful goodbye'
With a decent request to never repeat such life long memorable haunting incident again with any other pretty Soul.
"Forget that you ever met her,  think it as if you were lucky enough for a short span of time to have an angel in your life.
Your evil words broke her for whom only words were the vivacious world,
Your fake promises murdered her as she dwelt upon only that,
And you know what?  That pretty soul flew,
without even a single clue."


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