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Book Review - What's in a Kiss?

"What's in a Kiss?" By Mehul AhireA contemporary piece of art is something you find yourself attached to, something that you can relate to and which bring shiver down your spine while reading.
Mehul Ahire,  An Author of novel 'What's in a Kiss?' has beautifully penned each and every emotion that a present day youth goes through in a small magical pack called book. Every page i was flipping through has made me realise how life cheering a true unconditional Love can be. The hero of the story, Arjun of Ratnagiri,  Maharashtra is stepping in his another phase of life i.e.  College Life where he made several friends but like everybody he too get fascinated of a beauty and charm of a Muslim girl Zoya who took late admission in a college and try every possible effort to reach her until she herself came to him for getting notes from him. Here started their story that was incomplete till the end as Arjun tried to express his feelings for her but Zoya limited their rela…

A Last Note!

To Dear Him,  Right seven months before he came like a wonder in her life,  a life in which she was trying really hard to fill the colors,  one by one assembling the pieces of her shattered part. She never needed him to help her collecting them back as she was trained from her infant age to live her life alone in her dreams without anybody being her counterpart, but he did, he came like a rainbow after thunderstorm and she recollected it earlier as she alone could have took a longer time.  Her nights again started praising the stained Moon in dark sky of her life.  His words of belongingness made her feel as if she found her incomplete part, she found her soulmate so did he. Their days never began without eachother's Lovely greet  and nights never closed until they received other's smiling selfie to assure eachother's presence.  Being an intense dreamer he was at every floor of her brain,  she started believing in miracles and her beliefs went strong until she realised…