Life Calling

From Last four days they both were in a dilemma, they both were heading towards the same lane of life they never wanted to enter again.

Yes, it was 9th November when the two stars of sky having wicked past but having similar dreams met. Before this day they both were running their life very hard, struggling between their past and future in the present. He was on one hand was void of Love from deep within he aspired for, though he was leading his life but pathlessly having no definite view what to do next as his past was effecting him every moment, haunting his memories day and night, tearing his soul leaving warm blood stains on his heart.

While on the other hand she was wandering meaninglessly on the crag roads of life. Though she used to breathe but that oxygen had no meaning, though she used to smile but those curves were searching every while for some knots to be attached so as to give it a reason.
Her eyes always looked for some hope, her every word was losing its charm with her every breathe.

But their life took a turn, their wishes started taking shape, the two stars met and as they collide, it left them numb.
As both found their lost pieces in eachother, the cracks in their bleeding heart which were lying apart from long before started fitting back together, the gaps in between their heartbeat were filled with eachothers. Their day and night became one, their two aims now were having same lane. He started writing the story of her life, which is as delightlful as any piece of Cheese burst Pizza is kept on a tongue to add flavour of extra Love and Care. As sweet as à Cadbury Bubbly Chocolate, which defines their first meet unwantedly and miraculously in the lap of almighty.

They took hold of eachothers hand to head upon in this beautiful life as  from now they lived in two different bodies but having one soul. 'SOULMATE' They used to call eachother. Though they knew beforehand what other is going to feel now, what other will say now. They both were engrossed in eachother like a sugar in a Coffee, delighting eachother, each other's company sweeten their life and senses from deep within.
Miracle happens and this is the very best example when every broken piece start assembling back at their perfect place giving a pure reason to their Selfless Love.

Its five months to their togetherness now and they both cherish eachothers company, the sudden shift in each others life was truly a miracle and may be in this world everything has limits but their love is defined limitless. Though miles apart but equally living in eachother.
She is defined as Insanity, He is defined as maturity and they both are defined as Love.

I wish they both celebrate their 50th annivarsary too like this only, having a valuable  place in Millions of hearts all around the Globe.

Though like every incomplete story their togetherness too have complications, that are not avoidable. Since the society they live in brings a break to their dreams, the fear of losing eachother leads to have insomniac nights, they talk less with each other so that other may not get too attached, they both cry within but never let other have a single tear in eyes, they both try to distant themselves from eachothers memories but everytime fails, nobody know what they are heading towards.

Destiny has its own plans so do they beleive in it. May be their story has beautiful distances to cover. May be...


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