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Life Calling

From Last four days they both were in a dilemma, they both were heading towards the same lane of life they never wanted to enter again.Yes, it was 9th November when the two stars of sky having wicked past but having similar dreams met. Before this day they both were running their life very hard, struggling between their past and future in the present. He was on one hand was void of Love from deep within he aspired for, though he was leading his life but pathlessly having no definite view what to do next as his past was effecting him every moment, haunting his memories day and night, tearing his soul leaving warm blood stains on his heart.While on the other hand she was wandering meaninglessly on the crag roads of life. Though she used to breathe but that oxygen had no meaning, though she used to smile but those curves were searching every while for some knots to be attached so as to give it a reason.
Her eyes always looked for some hope, her every word was losing its charm with her ev…