Book Review- Falling In love

"Falling In Love" By Neeraj Mishra
As I was already high to read the book looking at the cover of the book. The tightly held hands of couple on the cover is clearly giving a message that 
"Love Never Dies, Giving it a true shape always take time but the long wait is worth if its true love."
Another thing that took my heart was the dedication of this book to his mother.
The lines on the very first page,
"Was that first day of School or a heartbreak at that night.
Ma! You always acted as friend, philosopher and guide.
Now when you are gone to that heavenly space.
Where would I find your lap and that motherly solace."
These words are deeply expressive of  emotions and shows that pure love on this Earth is Mother Love.
The story is basically a description of turn that took place in Manav's life who is from Patna and when he went to Bangalore to pursue his Hotel Management studies.
Like all of us he too tried really hard to settle at such distinct place just to grant his passion some wings. The struggles and acceptance is so well expressed.
Being no different from others he too is fascinated in chatting and met her dream girl Sriti Agarwal online.
The girl who seem not interested in Manav first but gradually with time there friendship grew much deeper. Manav has given a special place to Sriti in his life just in a short span of their friendship,  So is the case with Sriti who is 16 year old, 11th standard girl. But still mature enough in maintaining long lasting relations and her sweetness is something that rule the Hero of this Fancy story.
Like all other stories Manav being a boy first devloped feelings of Love as the title says "Falling in Love" for Sriti and left no moment to confront the fact and express his emotions to her.
Sriti being aware of her family's temprament in matter of marriages kept her steps behind, though she too wanted Manav as her Betterhalf but still foreseeing their vain future hide her emotions behind and decided to cut off from him.
The bond they shared and never giving up attitude in relationship let them to face every odds that came inbetween their way.
Sriti generally belonged to Marwari family where marrying out of the community is not allowed and Manav is indifferent from it. He is a small town boy but determined and dedicated though. His Love for Sriti  is beyond every fact.
The way Manav managed to win the heart of Sriti's family members is commendable and really a need of this time.
This book is a pure dedication to the true love and a remark that nothing is impossible if you are loyal, true and keep courage to accept the truths and let your stars shine the way you want.
Neeraj Mishra, with his debut novel "Falling in Love" has done a fabulous job in presenting a lovely tale of heart, emotions, sacrifices and love.
I wish him luck, looking forward from him more such books and feels immense pleasure to hold this beautiful creation in my hands.


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