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Book Review- Falling In love

"Falling In Love" By Neeraj Mishra As I was already high to read the book looking at the cover of the book. The tightly held hands of couple on the cover is clearly giving a message that 
"Love Never Dies, Giving it a true shape always take time but the long wait is worth if its true love." Another thing that took my heart was the dedication of this book to his mother.
The lines on the very first page,
"Was that first day of School or a heartbreak at that night.
Ma! You always acted as friend, philosopher and guide.
Now when you are gone to that heavenly space.
Where would I find your lap and that motherly solace."
These words are deeply expressive of  emotions and shows that pure love on this Earth is Mother Love. The story is basically a description of turn that took place in Manav's life who is from Patna and when he went to Bangalore to pursue his Hotel Management studies. Like all of us he too tried really hard to settle at such distinct place…