He was her Whole world.

"I Never Allow them to Roll Down and Wet my Cheeks. They stay in my eyes, Makes my sight foggy, As it has my Memories... How can I Let them Fade away?"

They met each other when they were not ready to be together at all,
for her dreams of life were Priority and for him future of his family was more important as they both were the elder among siblings in their respective families.

She agreed to get married at such a Peak age just to keep her parents honor, hiding her dreams somewhere in a rack inside her heart.

And he was at a good post in Indian Air Force,  still he wanted to flourish more but he too agreed for the marriage just considering that his brothers too are in a line for the same to give family its future generation so as to ensure its existence, he too kept aside his dreams of life.

They started their Lovely Co-incidental journey together. With no prior meetings or knowledge of behaviour of other, they stepped ahead in Life.

Her departure from mother's home broke her first, as the home she takes birth in.. does not belong to her, she was grown with the critic of her being a GIRL and one day she had to Leave it, though since birth till her last breath in that home she lived each and every moment for her parents.

With wet eyes, helpless she entered in her new house. A home that practically belongs to her in this world, just because her father had paid a huge amount of dowry to let her Go, and find her another nest...
Her husbands house, of which she is considered a Godess of Money, Huh... where she is treated no less than a maid, She wakes up in the morning fulfill everybody's demand in the house till night and does not even aspire a single appreciation in return.

Secondly she was broken hearted when even in a so-called real home (husband's home) she felt alone, no support,  no likeliness, just mean people and ignorant beings of society with no dreams of growth and development but a knowledge of how to get your work done from others and  how to deceit others.

After few months of marriage her husband took her with him at Bangalore so as to assist him in life as he was a defense personnal and he had to tackle his hectic job schedule.

Thirdly she broke when she lost her first twins babies just due to negligience of  Doctors even at the renowned hospital of Bangalore.

Hopelessly she kept breathing not for herself but for him as from now only he was her ray of hope.
They shared a huge period of time together, and got blessed them with three girl child and one baby boy.

They were happy and contented in their life, after such a huge span they came accross a happiness around them. As world had been so much cruel to them till now that they wanted to live away from all such fake mask wearing people in their Nest, full of Love and Affection, Positivity and Admirations.

But people were still unhappy to see them living with pleasure. The day came he got tired up from life's fitful fever and bid a goodbye not even thinking of his wife's life, who was living only for him, who used to smile seeing his smiling face.
His departure broked her finally into thousand peices.

Her every breath take a skip whenever her past memories strikes her mind... Her every wish is turned around her children's well being and success. Her only aspiration is to let others smile, as this is the only thing that you can spread endlessly.

Now what she lives for is her children's Smile, who are a blessing to her from her Loving husband.
Her entire life went in vain with no prior expectations, no demands and no appreciations but she sacrificed every monent of her life for others who used to form her whole world. Still she aspire nothing, keeps her wishes inside deep in her heart, I can easily listen to each and every beat of her heart, which is beating only for me rather she is always found scolding or getting angry upon me all time but I know what her eyes sees in me.
I can very easily watch out that deep love and expectations in her old lifeless eyes.

 She is  true picture of Patience and Courage. A big Salute to her Strength and Love.

But from now I assure you maa... you'll get your deep eternal smile back. Paa lives in me and is showering his blessings from heaven above.

I am a Gift by Lord to this World,

Let me open my Wings...

Give me my Space.

I will never let my desires Mould,

For thy dwarf kind of Twigs...

I can't let them snatch my Grace.

I am Girl, the best of Mine,

I am Whole...

In the hights of Kite.

I'll find my Sky O' Divine,

I have set Goals...

In my every color, I'm Right.


  1. Beautifully written. Loved it. My Best wishes are always there with you.

  2. Your appreciations always keeps me going.. Thanks a lot. :)

  3. Ohh really is it .......awesome...I have no more words for this ...


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