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He was her Whole world.

"I Never Allow them to Roll Down and Wet my Cheeks. They stay in my eyes, Makes my sight foggy, As it has my Memories... How can I Let them Fade away?"
They met each other when they were not ready to be together at all,
for her dreams of life were Priority and for him future of his family was more important as they both were the elder among siblings in their respective families.

She agreed to get married at such a Peak age just to keep her parents honor, hiding her dreams somewhere in a rack inside her heart.

And he was at a good post in Indian Air Force,  still he wanted to flourish more but he too agreed for the marriage just considering that his brothers too are in a line for the same to give family its future generation so as to ensure its existence, he too kept aside his dreams of life.

They started their Lovely Co-incidental journey together. With no prior meetings or knowledge of behaviour of other, they stepped ahead in Life.

Her departure from mother's home br…