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Book Review - Everything's Gonna Be Alright.

Everything's Gonna Be Alright- Dhruv Anand
Publisher - White Falcon Publishing

Right decisions, wrong timing.  Wrong decisions, you think it's gonna be right.
You start putting efforts to make them good.
Nothing works out, you get scared.
What do you do now?
It's never late to put your efforts again.
Don't lose hope and believe in yourself.

Book Review
The story is set around the life of a protagonist Akhil. When he is in his early years of choosing a right career path for his perfect future, contrary to his dream of becoming a chef to pursue his interest in cooking, he is forced into engineering on a kind suggestion of his father's fast friend.
In order to keep his father's expectations from him; he never argued against him. Showcasing his love for his father's dreams, suppressing his own.
His unwanted journey takes off surprisingly and along with that like all other youngsters he too loses his heart for a girl named Vrishika who is studying hotel management …

Features of New Currency Notes in India.

In order to take a control over the black money and to fight against curruption in India; Prime Minister Narendra Modi has abolished the currency notes of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 from the midnight of 8th November' 2016. RBI will be issuing the new currency notes of Rs. 500 and Rs. 2000 on 10th November' 2016 with certain new features. While addressing the nation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked general public to home patience and cooperate, as this action may bring several difficulties in a daily work for coming few days. Sources unveiled that people will be given a time of 50 days i.e. from 10th November' 2016 to 30th December' 2016 to get their old currency notes exchanged from any bank and post office. However, in order to keep a good track over this move by the Indian Government, RBI will keep a control over the issue of higher currency notes in future. Here is how the new Rs. 500 note will look like. Its features and design will be as follows. A nano GPS technology …

Life or Smoking - Choose Wisely.

I have two real life stories to tell, also an experience of a cancer conqueror from which you will be able to make out, that for you either Smoking is important or Life.

Let me start with a story of a person who is just 55+ of age, a retired Junior Warrant Officer (JWO) from Indian Air Force. A well intellectual personality, a kindest of all souls, ready to help everybody 24/7. He has a beautiful supportive wife as well as super intelligent and understanding children. He  would never like to leave the world filled with such blessings and every fervor of life.  He has everything, money, love, respect, a beautiful home, name, fame, worldly knowledge, etc. People come to him for guidance and kind advice. His children are achieving heights based on his guidance and support.

His wife is super happy to see him enjoying his life. But...  But something is tearing her heart inside since long. That cigarette box, which always accompany him where ever he go. And it also accompanied him to the D…

Book Review - Perfect Imperfect

Perfect Imperfect - Ravi Bedi 


Minutes Later,  a door opened. The vision that appeared at the entrance turned me into a gravestone with the date of my death engraved on it. An invisible force gripped me, as the visible one removed a cigar from his mouth and greeted Samarth.

Book Review

I received this book 'Perfect Imperfect' from Author Ravi Bedi in exchange of my honest reviews.

So here I go...

The story is set up around the life of two main leads, Jimmy and Samarth. Samarth Jain is a son of Jewellery Shop owner, Gokuldas Jain. It's a perfectly narrated tale that will let the readers engross deep within the web of words  and keep juggling with the various plots set.

Jimmy is working as a manager there. While it's taking a smooth pace, the story has been set around the thought process and desires that modern day youngsters commonly go through. Friends, jealousy, desire for money and fame, comparisons, compassion, carefree life, etc and then moves towards few una…

Book Review - The Colour of Love

TheColourofLove - Trumpets and bugles, there was music all over...  They fell in Love, yet again...
BlurbSarfaraz is brought up with a good value system by his devoted parents. With time,  curiosity and adolescent growth pangs take him through many experiences. His first brush with girls starts with a friend, and slowly meanders into casual flirtatious affairs with girls at college. All through it, he realises that none of them have his undying,  true love. A time comes when he realises who he truly loves, and in the midst of it all, he handles brutal enmity and takes on vile characters that misbehave with his friends. Sarfaraz's grows up in Coimbatore when there occurs a series of bomb blasts. His identity is called in question,  as his status as a Muslim makes people see him as an enemy. He loses something precious in a blast and leaves to Sharjah, only for life to find him and surprise him.
BookReviewWhen you call yourself a Bookaholic personality, when the fragrance of books m…

Max Hospital - High Time

An incident that every second person in our country, India may have gone through.  A friend of mine Chandra Kant Jaisansaria shares his story while he was getting his father treated for Heart Ailments.For them the BalanceSheet should be well updated every second rather than the proper health of their Patient
Their pockets should always remain filled even if the Patient is empty stomach.Max Hospital (Shalimarbagh, Delhi) - A hospital where the patient and his attendants are harassed and overcharged. Please spread this message by sharing it on your timeline so that people become aware of this hospital and stop risking their lives and the Lives of their near and dear ones.My father Mr. Kanak Mal Jaisansaria (Hospital Case/ IP.No. 89788) had a minor heart attack and he was advised to go for an angiography test by a Doctor of Max hospital. On same day i.e 12/07/2016 we got the angiography done. Usually patients with blocked artry are treated for Angioplasty (PTCA) or heart surgery during…

I am a Writer...

Yes, i love to call myself a writer, this fills me with delight that I have opted the purest occupation of all for myself, but an author?
If anybody could define me an apt difference between a writer and an author. Being a writer I am committed to raise issues that several people out there might not be able to, to give their plight few suitable words, to let t he readers know the other side of world they don't know about,  to make them feel them feel the virtue of living through the eyes of others.
In Short, to grant a Life is my Job and I am not paid for it (i am a Writer, not a moneymaker). And authors, as their mouths get filled with bubbly chocolate when someone calls them an author,  even if their writings don't make any sense to help raise the plight of society, they are all the way flaunting around and urging readers to buy their book. I am not talking about every author (i genuinely keep huge respect for truly dedicated writers),  but this pure job with generous purp…

Book Review - What's in a Kiss?

"What's in a Kiss?" By Mehul AhireA contemporary piece of art is something you find yourself attached to, something that you can relate to and which bring shiver down your spine while reading.
Mehul Ahire,  An Author of novel 'What's in a Kiss?' has beautifully penned each and every emotion that a present day youth goes through in a small magical pack called book. Every page i was flipping through has made me realise how life cheering a true unconditional Love can be. The hero of the story, Arjun of Ratnagiri,  Maharashtra is stepping in his another phase of life i.e.  College Life where he made several friends but like everybody he too get fascinated of a beauty and charm of a Muslim girl Zoya who took late admission in a college and try every possible effort to reach her until she herself came to him for getting notes from him. Here started their story that was incomplete till the end as Arjun tried to express his feelings for her but Zoya limited their rela…

A Last Note!

To Dear Him,  Right seven months before he came like a wonder in her life,  a life in which she was trying really hard to fill the colors,  one by one assembling the pieces of her shattered part. She never needed him to help her collecting them back as she was trained from her infant age to live her life alone in her dreams without anybody being her counterpart, but he did, he came like a rainbow after thunderstorm and she recollected it earlier as she alone could have took a longer time.  Her nights again started praising the stained Moon in dark sky of her life.  His words of belongingness made her feel as if she found her incomplete part, she found her soulmate so did he. Their days never began without eachother's Lovely greet  and nights never closed until they received other's smiling selfie to assure eachother's presence.  Being an intense dreamer he was at every floor of her brain,  she started believing in miracles and her beliefs went strong until she realised…

Life Calling

From Last four days they both were in a dilemma, they both were heading towards the same lane of life they never wanted to enter again.Yes, it was 9th November when the two stars of sky having wicked past but having similar dreams met. Before this day they both were running their life very hard, struggling between their past and future in the present. He was on one hand was void of Love from deep within he aspired for, though he was leading his life but pathlessly having no definite view what to do next as his past was effecting him every moment, haunting his memories day and night, tearing his soul leaving warm blood stains on his heart.While on the other hand she was wandering meaninglessly on the crag roads of life. Though she used to breathe but that oxygen had no meaning, though she used to smile but those curves were searching every while for some knots to be attached so as to give it a reason.
Her eyes always looked for some hope, her every word was losing its charm with her ev…

Book Review- Falling In love

"Falling In Love" By Neeraj Mishra As I was already high to read the book looking at the cover of the book. The tightly held hands of couple on the cover is clearly giving a message that 
"Love Never Dies, Giving it a true shape always take time but the long wait is worth if its true love." Another thing that took my heart was the dedication of this book to his mother.
The lines on the very first page,
"Was that first day of School or a heartbreak at that night.
Ma! You always acted as friend, philosopher and guide.
Now when you are gone to that heavenly space.
Where would I find your lap and that motherly solace."
These words are deeply expressive of  emotions and shows that pure love on this Earth is Mother Love. The story is basically a description of turn that took place in Manav's life who is from Patna and when he went to Bangalore to pursue his Hotel Management studies. Like all of us he too tried really hard to settle at such distinct place…

He was her Whole world.

"I Never Allow them to Roll Down and Wet my Cheeks. They stay in my eyes, Makes my sight foggy, As it has my Memories... How can I Let them Fade away?"
They met each other when they were not ready to be together at all,
for her dreams of life were Priority and for him future of his family was more important as they both were the elder among siblings in their respective families.

She agreed to get married at such a Peak age just to keep her parents honor, hiding her dreams somewhere in a rack inside her heart.

And he was at a good post in Indian Air Force,  still he wanted to flourish more but he too agreed for the marriage just considering that his brothers too are in a line for the same to give family its future generation so as to ensure its existence, he too kept aside his dreams of life.

They started their Lovely Co-incidental journey together. With no prior meetings or knowledge of behaviour of other, they stepped ahead in Life.

Her departure from mother's home br…