In the cloudy smoggy morning Sun god was trying really hard to peep out from behind but that small slightly grey cloud conquered it and ruled the whole earth with its shadow. Birds were  striving to look for a shade and cozy habitat to reside in and to let their small siblings not feel the cruelity of winters. As I saw out from my fog covered window glass I encountered none but a group of children singing the jingles filling the arena of my heart and soul with all the glitters of the world.
It was christmas day and since my birth I haven't celebrated it instead of having just a piece of cake with my friends in college who always needed a reason to have any sort if entertainment.
But this year I am living at a place far from my friends and family. Though I had a off  from my office in lieu of the eve but the collegues were throwing a grand party in the evening as one of them had got married few days before, I don't know exactly whom because I was  new to the firm.  I hurriedly had a bath and locked my room and went down stairs looking for a breakfast somewhere in the city. The last step I took down and a low voice entered my ears "Didi! its christmas where's our gift?" , he was so cute and calm holding heavenly eyes. " Hey! smarty what you want dear? dress? food? money? " - I asked him eagerly looking into his hopeful eyes. And all of a sudden a heavy voice called "Shikhar..." - that not only thrilled that sweet little boy but I too shivered. And he left.
Moving my eyes back towards my scooty I unlocked it and drove towards the Dhaba (Restaurant) at the back of my home.
After having A healthy breakfast of Aloo puri I was feeling so sleepy, And wonder what my eyes saw. It was that boy whom I met  an hour before, he was holding a rag and was cleaning the cars at the parking place of that restaurant. I took no thoughts to walk towards him and asked him if he had a food? The moment I asked he ran into tears and tried to step back. I holded his hand and took him in Dhaba bought some good food for him,  I felt heavenly to feed him with my own hands as he was too small to eat it himself almost 5-6 years of age.
I asked him about his family And he told me that his parents  are daily wage workers and left him and his 4 other siblings at footpath in the morning to beg and let our day pass. They come at night sometimes they bring food sometimes not and we all sleep their at footpath only.
My eyes were filled with water and controlling myself I asked if his siblings had a food or not? and No was the reply in return. I somehow managed  to control my emotions bought some more food got it packed and handed over to him. He thanked me and his deep secret smile was my christmas gift. Truely the best ever celebrated christmas it was with king of footpath.

I remember how grateful he was to me for giving him just a one time food. And since then I decided to celebrate it this way only which not only makes my end of year a success but a sense of contentment is really amzing.
  So This christmas celebrate "Joy Of Giving" .
 Merry Christmas.


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