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Letter to Life.

Dear You

Gone are the days I used get turmoiled over how To face,
Came up the ways I'll welcome you to see how You face.

For challenges you offered me since the day I didn't even hold my conciousness, the time I didn't even know what that deep smile and madly laugh really meant... where those wet long tears to get your wishes done really comes from?? Like deep from my heart today I embrace all the worldly gratitude towards you for letting me know the genuine meaning of life, love, betrayal, giving up and setting your souls free to recollect the universal power in you.

Because you made me feel that even the heart tearing pains you encounter are not everytime reflected by those wet Water like tears, but sometimes that sweet smile takes its place while the other moment that madly laugh.

Today whatsoever I am like an unshakable upheld  spirit, ready to sail through various Shades of glittering life is just because of you.

The only treasure I ensnares within me are certain …