This is what we call a LIFE- Lets walk along!

I‘ll never deny that I’m stubborn by nature and what so ever task I get into- it’s my kind to perform in as much minimum span of time as I can.
To these inborn characterstics I added some more instincts i.e. of being perfect in work as well as obstinate for achieving life’s goal and brightening others’s time also.
This tendency I have treasured right when I used to be in school and my school projects used to form all my world at that point of time.
I’m awfully imaginative, either I’m sleeping, watching T.V., doing some household task or any other chore my  mind keep on doing it’s work over the projects I used to get.
And I’ll never say that imagination and stubbern nature are a curse, instead a huge gift by lord to us.
It is an unbeatable truth that our mind keep on working even while we are asleep, I remember one day it truly happened read it carefully- before I slept I was doing mathematics question and it was not getting to solve, after getting irritated I kept books aside and slept and you can’t even imagine what happened … when I wake up I was with the solution. My mind solved it and it seems to me as a dream.
Rather an astonishing thing but true. Here also the same rule applies our thoughts drive our actions. Since my mind was preloaded with the formulas, it knew how to deal with the question and when it getback to the relax mode it solved the problem- same does happens to our real life situations.
What I want to highlight here is fantasy should form a part of our daily routine. And it keeps on happen in our mind itself.
Until we dream how can one even drive themselve towards it?
Nobody follows the road without any final task to be achieved. And that final task is formed by our imaginative nature.
Right when our teen life starts we starts forminig so many dreams in our mind to achieve, some forms it early some quite late but everybody does and upon which our whole life depends- with how many glitters we are going to lighten it up.
Even some very precisely define how they will let it happen by going a step ahead. This is the best way for anybody to live truly carefree.
These all process keeps on making our life a truly lived one.
Now it’s upon a person either he/she keep his promise made to themselve or get lost in this tumult world, for which I’m trying my best to make it easy in a way.
It’s entirely an obvious thing that if we our heading towards our dream to realise, definitely we have to sacrifice our previous held wrong opinions and home certain new and inspiring one’s.
It’s as simple as that.
We have to abonden our confortable cocoons to a little harsh lives- seems harsh because it’s a human tendency to resist changes.
Only thing that can drive us from such situations is a burning fire that never let us goes back and helps us to keep on moving towards the hazy way- fire of being knowledgeable, fire of upholding our status in the whole world.
We are not here to regret over things time and again but to perform them in a best way and with all sorts of perfection.
And it is also true at the same time that we formed our decisions on the basis of our understanding level, our opinion bank, knowledge bank too gets expanded. So as our decisions should be modified as per the change occuring to us as well as the circumstances.
Since this world is progressing at a very high pace so do we should accompany it.
Being dynamic is another necessasity to be braught in our nature, which will help us to float through the so called- hurdles of life in a very spectacular manner.
If we let your souls free and instead our body dominating soul, let psyche take over body because only our souls are so pure which is the biggest blessing from nature that if we let it guide us it will make us overcome any kind of obstacle.
Since it’s residing in this world for so many years and it’s this body’s responsibility to cultivate it through superlative works, thoughts, actions, and hold its status to elevate over time.


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