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This is what we call a LIFE- Lets walk along!

I‘ll never deny that I’m stubborn by nature and what so ever task I get into- it’s my kind to perform in as much minimum span of time as I can.
To these inborn characterstics I added some more instincts i.e. of being perfect in work as well as obstinate for achieving life’s goal and brightening others’s time also.
This tendency I have treasured right when I used to be in school and my school projects used to form all my world at that point of time.
I’m awfully imaginative, either I’m sleeping, watching T.V., doing some household task or any other chore my  mind keep on doing it’s work over the projects I used to get.
And I’ll never say that imagination and stubbern nature are a curse, instead a huge gift by lord to us.
It is an unbeatable truth that our mind keep on working even while we are asleep, I remember one day it truly happened read it carefully- before I slept I was doing mathematics question and it was not getting to solve, after getting irritated I kept books aside and sl…