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According to United Nation's Millennium Development Goal(MGD) programme 270 millions or 21.9% people out of 1.2 Billion of Indians are living below poverty line.
In other words, if a person in rural area is unable to earn Rs.816 per month(i.e. Rs.27 per day) and Rs. 1000 per month in urban area (i.e.Rs. 33 per day), He/She is poor.SURPRISED?? Or this also doesn't matter to you?
YEA…… I am damn sure some of you'll say that eliminating it is a govt.'s job … Indeed it is… But being a responsible citizens that we all call ourselves and govt. is also people made from among us may be we will be a part of it tomorrow … Who know??It really doesn't make us to think even once before spending 1000s of money for outings or at restaurants uselessly(even if we can survive without it) and filling the pockets of corporates rather keeping it in the hands of poor children or anybody or purchasing them one time meal or clothing.Come on guys! We are living in the same country Naa…… nd…

Optimism has no limits!

"Walking through the untrodden way, my feets gets stab by several terrible stones but still it induces me to see whats there at the end of the way, overlooking the deathly long lasting pain it lefts me with."For most of the people its really very easy to give up with the commitments once made when you find yourself unable to walk with ease as up to your comfort, but for some people like me once made promises to myself are never left undone inbetween.People out there will call you a freak finding you still holding it in your life which is yielding nothing in return. But my point is if we can think it once why can't we make it happen overlooking the perplexities you are in. Sticking to it is my nature, I know one day it will itself feel ashamed and offer her hands greeting me of my determination.Sometimes i get overwhemed by the stubborn nature of mine, as it makes me blind of all the other opportunities that I can persue with much ease. But what my point is if you are gon…