Real life starts when we start asking ourself who we are actually. What for we exist in this world?

Definitely god wants something from us if he is sending or making us live and explore the wonders of this amazing world.
Some people say that after the birth in various species (like that of animals, plants, trees, insects, reptiles, mammels, etc) one gets a life as a human being.

And every human suffers pains and go under struggles and hurdles and face separations due to the entire deeds we did in our former lives. Some says that in this life we are paying for all the bad works we have done so far.

 In all I may say that getting a life as a human is a gift in itself. If we carry our previous life’s works, as I said we have to pay off for all such acts we did. Undeniably, we will do so many works in this life as well.

Why can’t those deeds be great?
 I mean knowing that for every bad action we have to pay then why do we commit such odd jobs again?
This happens because of many factors, which are unfortunately common to all of us.

This may be due to-
1.    Ignorancy of all the matters I mentioned above.
2.   Situations drive us towards those directions.
3.   And yes our thoughts do drive our actions- so may be our thoughts are mend towards such conduct.

Let’s understand it with certain true happenings we encounter more frequently…

Firstly, if in ignorancy a person doesn’t ever thought of the real meaning behind his existence, he never knows what is superior or what is awful.
Like a child not too small but at the same time not too big enough to know what may hurt and what not. But still he tends to fight his friend just to take a revenge because he somewhere oneday got to listen that “for every action there is a reaction” just for this sake he faught his friend and genuinely the situation was not actually that which he was thinking of. In real he was told wrong by his another friend who wants to provoke him in a way. And ultimately he committed that worst thing for which someday he has to payback, definitely, since the person he faught with was totally innocent.
Solution can be one, if he apologise, secondly, if he takes a resolution and meditate over the whole scene happened and eventually draws up a true picture and then take actions in future. It may realise him of his payoff and help him to lead a carefree life, because he will check his every step in future. This may be taken learning from events. 

Secondly, situation made him to commit such deeds.
Like a thief, he is forced to steal so as to perform his or his family’s livelihood.
Also they are sometimes indulging in worst act by hurting a person who was hampering him of doing so.
As I earlier said he too has to payoff if not in this life then in next, it is certainly possible of being that thief in earlier life and any pain we are going through now are due to those bad tasks we have done so far unknowingly. Don’t take it as actual it’s all a picture design to make you undestand the whole scenario.

Thirdly, only our thoughts drive us towards our actions.
Like a person is thinking that he has to score well than his friend in exams for that he disguided his friend regarding the syllabus which is really reckless thing on his part. But just in a blindness of scoring well, mistake was commended.
Definitely, he would have scored well than his friend but later he will get the worst wishes and for which he has to somewhere payoff. Disguiding was not a fair deal on his part now isn’t it?
It’s a common thing we may come upon in today’s ambitious person at any stage which needs to be avoided as far as possible if want to ensure true success of everybody.
No matter what marks you score or what position you got to hold in any company what really matters is how much vigorous hard work you went through to achieve it- this idea truly going to mend your depth of painstaking nature and nurture results in future as well, keeping a long term view at times.
             ” If going gets tough, tough gets going”
 So to overcome those coming tough days, present hardwork will help in a grand manner to you, so never delay work, and just keep the tendency of acconplishing the task without allowing the lazy thoughts of setback to take place in mind.
Play with your mind knowing the entire propensity it will make after aquainting a particular situation, before it goes to play with you.

The entire above explained crux gives a very insight to live a carefree but productive and fullfledge life. And for that ensure the following mentioned things:-

1.   Never mess up with anybody  be it a friend, sister, brother, mother, father, any body even a  stranger, keep your gifted voice so low and sweet to person you meet as it will only bring kind wishes to you. Reflect your depth of support to them not just by words but by conduct as well. And think it over what is wrong in doing so if you can, it’s better to bring millions of smile for a long time instead of that short span of irate situation.

2.    Help needy people- their wishes will add to your existing luck. Ensure every night you sleep how many helping hands you extended in the past day. Gaurantee your present day better than the previous one by analysing the mistakes you obligated before and not repeating them again.

3.   Always have a faith in that almighty power of nature and accept any sort of complexity very firmly as I explained earlier, difficulties bring opportunities. And learn from the mistakes commited not even from yourself but  of others as well                                                                                                                “ we don’t have enough time to commend all mistakes   ourself”
Meditation proves to be the best tool to find ourself.

4.   Utilise your potential to the fullest- never tend to waste even a single second because life is too short to live. Once you got to know what your responsibilities are without wasting a single second just step ahead.
Yes you’ll feel sometimes to stop but that is just to again review your perfomance.

5.   Give your life a meaning that at the end of life you’ll be in satisfaction of going through it fully and gracefully. Assure yourself of the major errands you have to execute in your lifetime.

6.   Act stubborn until you terminate your whole life’s project. But never forget to smile and live every moment more than that it offers to you. Being childish at times helps us avoid the very erritating genre which surround us, never get effected by it instead make your world as if you want it like.


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