A stage of life comes when our fantasy takes over actions. One heads towards finding their best areas and grey areas.
One is directed towards performing as many tasks as they can do, so as to examine their capabilities.
 Without caring for what will other think and say, we need to keep on analyzing the things in our self. Since only we will be their at the end of our lives, as one of my friend told me once. They form just a part which will help us in our way.
Now it depends on our efficiency and clarity of goals and our actions in how best manner we will perform and how much of experience we will carry with us for future task.I’m now very clear to say now that:-
Life is like a game with how much perfection you start, defines your end”
Holding that sweet smile make us learn the very need of life to live to the fullest and keep everybody else happy too.
In our way it’s very obvious that we may commit some mistakes which will make us regret, but instead our tendency should become to learn and never commit it again.
Our self focus keeps on adding so many experiences to us and helps us to sail so effortlessly over this beautiful world’s so-called journey.

Under the shade of best guide say teachers, parents, elders, and thoughts too form the shade, we should keep on performing our self because we can not ensure our success unless we try.   
Rewards do not come itself, at the same time we cannot say that we’ll get the desired results.
Since we desire on the basis of our assumptions, in fact there are so many other things that prevails beyond our sight.
Results should be taken so firmly and positively and keep in mind that learning is the product of every action as nothing goes in vain.

Life is as simple as that… then
    Why we get frightened and get confused over things?         
Just because we lack confidence or we get bound by the sayings of people living in our surroundings we does not even take an initiative over it.

Here I never say that fear should be totally eliminated, rather its good to be in fear to some extent in order to make our mind get focused and alert but beyond it only actions should prevail otherwise fear will home our heart and mind, it takes just a second span of time.

Keeping required knowledge regarding the task to be performed in hands we can assure our success and no fear and confusion will frighten us of refraining us from our deeds.

 and home in mind that if some actions leads to gain appreciations from various people while others may help us learn our weak points to not to be repeated again.

So in all there is nothing to meditate so much over our acts just go over it and look for the next task to perform. There lie no confusions in not performing any work.
Sometimes I really get harassed by acquainting the state of majority of the young generation…

1. Unemployable:-
   Not due to lack of jobs but due to short of efficiency. We never prefer to utilise our ideal time for spending in some productive work which may not only please us but add to the contribution for the society.
Employers definitely would not drop their standards for jobs rather we need to develop our self to that peak. Raising our values are part of our life’s commitments which at one point of time we all have to go through then after getting to know about it, why can’t we step up?
   2. Pathless:-
     Youth is highly tempted towards uncivilised acts as we all are very well known of- theft, cyber crimes, disobeying others and what not?                
I’m really not able to digest the reasons behind such causes. Being the owner such a great intellect why we never prefer to come out- a bitter truth indeed.

Just think of the world where we all help in uphelding each other and a magical world will be created of humanity. A perfect world for living. Since in wholesome development resides our too, but just because we lack in foresightedness we never tend to try even once for it. Yeah its results are not exposed so early, but can be felt.

I entirely get shaken when I see small children begging for just 5 or 10 penny so that they’ll be able to purchase at least one time of meal. We  talk about success of landing spacecrafts on mars, innovating  modern  techniques to give a pace to our lives, and what not but have you ever thought what sort of success does it mean to them?

They can also be a part of this elevating economy if given a chance, they too are the holder of so much of power in bringing a change. Let’s join our hands together for a step towards it.


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