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Real life starts when we start asking ourself who we are actually. What for we exist in this world?
Definitely god wants something from us if he is sending or making us live and explore the wonders of this amazing world. Some people say that after the birth in various species (like that of animals, plants, trees, insects, reptiles, mammels, etc) one gets a life as a human being.
And every human suffers pains and go under struggles and hurdles and face separations due to the entire deeds we did in our former lives. Some says that in this life we are paying for all the bad works we have done so far.
 In all I may say that getting a life as a human is a gift in itself. If we carry our previous life’s works, as I said we have to pay off for all such acts we did. Undeniably, we will do so many works in this life as well.
Why can’t those deeds be great?  I mean knowing that for every bad action we have to pay then why do we commit such odd jobs again? This happens because of many factors, which a…


A stage of life comes when our fantasy takes over actions. One heads towards finding their best areas and grey areas. One is directed towards performing as many tasks as they can do, so as to examine their capabilities.  Without caring for what will other think and say, we need to keep on analyzing the things in our self. Since only we will be their at the end of our lives, as one of my friend told me once. They form just a part which will help us in our way. Now it depends on our efficiency and clarity of goals and our actions in how best manner we will perform and how much of experience we will carry with us for future task.I’m now very clear to say now that:- “Life is like a game with how much perfection you start, defines your end” Holding that sweet smile make us learn the very need of life to live to the fullest and keep everybody else happy too. In our way it’s very obvious that we may commit some mistakes which will make us regret, but instead our tendency should become to learn an…